Your request

  • You want to learn software development from scratch
  • You have to work your way into a new language fast
  • You need support with a specific area of interest

Our solution

  • Training in very small groups (max. four) at our place
  • Training on site in your participants' familiar environment
  • Contents and execution specially adapted to your background
  • Your questions and individual solutions taken into account
  • Subsequent supervision as coaching-on-the-job if requested

Our proposal

  • Together with you, we create a concept exactly fitting your participants
  • We perform the actual training at our place or on site in your rooms
  • We offer printed or electronic training material adapted to your topics
  • We collect the participants' feedback and evaluate it for you

Our contents

  • Software development and programming
  • Structured software development with SADT
  • Object oriented analysis and design with UML
  • Programming languages C/C++, JAVA, C#, Pascal/Delphi
  • Languages and technologies SQL, XML, NET, CORBA
  • Further special topics on request

Benefit from our knowledge - We bring you into shape!

Our experience

  • University diploma in mathematics and computer science
  • Pedagogical education, IHK training company
  • Accreditation at Siemens Business College in Bochum
  • Lectureship senior technical college in Recklinghausen
  • More than 20 years experience in adult vocational training
  • More than 30 years in the development of industrial software

Ask for a special training at your site

Learn about coming in-house events

We train, on-site or centrally, the installation and use of all Windows operating systems XP, 7, 8, and 10, but neither DOS nor older Windows pose any problems.

Next, we train handling and use of office and other standard application programs for beginners and experts, especially design and programming with C/C++, JAVA, C# and PASCAL.

As it is very important for modern programming languages we also offer training on object oriented analysis and design.

You can choose our firm training programs, as we will offer trainings for your specific applications and requirements.
Multi-step, building on each other trainings can be provided.

We will be happy to arrange in-house trainings with your equipment at your site.

Examples of individually tailored trainings to customer requirements:
Internet programming
Object orientation,
GUI programming



In small groups you get to know the PC and its accessories such as printer, modem or scanner.
We will explain operation and settings of all devices and perform in small steps the handling of the major operating systems.
With our practical examples you will see how the PC will help make sense in all your everyday tasks.
We teach the following operating systems:
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 95/98

MS-Office, the widely used standard in the office!

All necessary office work can be settled:
  • Quotes, invoices and other personal interest
  • Create calculations
  • Process sales development graphically
  • Manage addresses or spare parts data
  • Prepare lectures or small presentations

You´ll be amazed how useful this program can be if you dominate a large part of its capabilities.