Fortunately, in IT, it is - subject to Germany's "terrific fiber infrastructure" - possible to work from distributed spots...
To keep the further dissemination of the Corona Virus as small as possible, we decided to have our employees work from their homes for the time being
Our regular services will be affected very little only. But please be aware that our reachability on the telephone will be somewhat impaired. Thank you!

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More latest info:

abacus launched in fifth edition...

... and is now called abacus4u or abacus4b, whether

you decide yourself for an individual subscription abacus for you,
or you prefer the open company license abacus for bundling..

Of course, the new abacus implements loads of new extensions and enhancements.

ABACUS Version Numbers
New reference list

We have added many new features to our IEEE battery sizing software "Abacus" and we already work on the next features. With our battery sizing software you will receive the IEEE calculation results faster and better comparable. The standards IEEE Std 485, IEEE Std 1115 and IEEE Std 1568 are supported. See our Abacus site to get to know more about our IEEE battery sizing software.

Take benfit out of our software development competence, that we used to build our products. Contact us, if you like to get assist on the solution development for your use case.