Addition to the Tweet of 2014/02/17.

ABACUS Multi Picing

You may now edit your own price lists and keep them up-to-date, you can insert individual special prices or special discounts and much more. Moreover, you may select a result presentaion with or without prices, you can decide to see all results, only the smallest fitting or only the most economic, or you can decide to see all results which are cheaper or the same price as the smallest possible battery... can you imagine anything more?

Addition to the Tweet of 2014/02/03.

abacus4u in HTML

All results and exports are now composed as HTML, which allows more comfortable and more productive work. Each presentation is based on an XML template, and you can edit and change these files yourself. So it is easy now to add more output languages for worksheet, report and quotation, and you can even create whole new evaluation sheets for your results. The available data come in an XML presentation of the calculated solution which, of course, can be exported separately.

Addition to the Tweet of 2013/04/26.

For Power Loads, according to IEEE, a replacement for the average voltage will be calculated by dividing the power value by the minimum system voltage.
Optionally, you now can use the system nominal voltage for this, too - and every value in between! Just use the slider to select!

Abacus battery sizing software

Addition to the Tweet from 2013/04/03.

We renovated the ABACUS VoltagePage to make the input of voltage ranges even more comfortable.

You get more information than ever before:
You don't see Umin and Uf for the smallest number of cells only, but you see Umin and Uf for the biggest number of cells, too.

Your input is more comfortable:
You don't have to enter the biggest number of cells always, but you can have it calculated from the smallest Uf, too.

ABACUS recognizes your intent:
You don't have to select „vary Umin“ or „vary Uf“ explicitly, but ABACUS recognizes whether you want to have Umin or Uf fixed.

Similar enhancements apply to the use of Umax instead of #Cmax.