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With Abacus we bring you several programs that help you with your battery sizing tasks. The Abacus IEEE battery sizing software uses the IEEE standards IEEE Std 485 (Lead-Acid batteries for stationary applications), IEEE Std 1115 (NiCd batteries for stationary applications) and IEEE Std 1568 (NiCd for rail applications). With Abacus IEEE you can calculate batteries of different manufacturers at once and compare the results.

  • Sizings according to the IEEE Std 485, IEEE Std 1115 or IEEE Std 1568
  • Customized software version with your logo, your pictures and your data
    Abacus IEEE battery sizing software

  • Ultra-modern user interface with Ribbons
    Ribbon interface for Abacus IEEE

Integration of multiple databases

  • Use any number of databases simultaneously, individually switched on and off
    database selection in Abacus IEEE

New possibilities of further processing

  • Integrated start of rack and cabinet sizing software (e.g. ALPHA, BENNING, HOPPECKE, KUNSTMANN - appropriate license implied)
    Rack and Cabinet sizing ribbon

  • Result exportable as multilingual offer text as well as into an individual ODBC database
    Exported report of IEEE calculation results

  • Multilingual user interface, offering multilingual texts (English and German supplied)
  • Many other improvements over previous versions



Cross-Upgrade to our new product Abacus-Suite is possible