Scenario 1

You have a task

  1. that you want to solve with support of IT systems
  2. for that you don't find a standard solution in the market
  3. whose solution you don't want to program yourself

Please contact us!

We will solve your task

  • create together with you the requirements doc if needed
  • advance it into the functional specification document
  • design the software solution and build prototypes
  • ​implement the system, fully adapted to your environment
  • establish the product at your users and support them afterwards

We create YOUR solution - We shape your ideas!

Scenario ​2

You have an existing software

  1. that you want to enhance, extend or advance
  2. for that you don't have any or only incomplete documentation
  3. which you don't want to maintain yourself

Please contact us!

We will maintain your software solution

  • ​analyze the existing architecture and source code files
  • create new or more suitable documentation if needed
  • fix errors or implement new features as demanded by you
  • support you with distribution and installation of new versions
  • train your users and perform after-installation support for you

We maintain YOUR solution - We keep your ideas in shape!

More than 20 years of experience in development for DOS and Windows, especially multimedia, user interfaces and mathematical-technical software and circuit design with microcontrollers enable us to solve even your individual problem quickly and inexpensively.

* Measuring and control tasks with the PC under DOS and Windows
* Custom microcontroller controls and circuits
* Fuzzy Controller, Fuzzy logic and mathematical service
* Individual and standard software for technical and mathematical calculations
 * Customized database solutions with integration of multimedia objects

We cover a wide range of tasks. It ranges from micro controller and circuit development in hardware-oriented projects through database applications and specialty software to GUI applications, where the user-friendly easy way, well adapted to the current Windows conventions, is in the spotlight.

We are happy to meet you to analyze your tasks and integrate them in a specification. Together, in constant dialogue with your staff, we transform your requirements in appropriate applications. Of course, you will receive during the ongoing development process interim and preliminary versions per download.

In order that no problems in the application will occur later and no questions will remain open, we support you on demand with a complete documentation, consisting of a help system, a manual and interactive or self-running product presentations as video or slide show or video. Finally, we are going to train your employees on site at your systems.

If you need English or French versions, e.g. for your foreign subsidiaries, this is no problem for us.