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Technical Application

Product name Description
Battery sizing program
Abacus just offers you the ability to compare batteries of different manufacturers after a IEEE standard (IEEE Std 485, 1115 and 1568) sizing or a sizing with our optimized battery sizing methods (by use of discharge curves). After the battery sizing you can go straight ahead and size the cabinet or rack combination you need for your calculated battery solution.


Product Name Description
BABS 2.50
Presentation Program
Create interactive or self-running presentations and hierarchical information trees with still and moving images in BMP, PCX, GIF, PCD, AVI, FLI, WAV, MID, and over 100 transition effects and relay them using the free demonstration tool.
St. Petersburg! Adventure Guide St. Petersburg! is the multimedia adventure guide to the Venice of the North. With it, the city can be done in various ways or explored on your own. A city tour, a ride on the Metro and an opera are just as possible as a look for informations from the history book or museum guides. St. Petersburg! helps planning and preparation, but can also serve as a reference work or just for entertainment. St. Petersburg! will soon be complemented by other parts of the adventure guide RUSSIA!.
PSSST - RUSSIA! Screensaver This screen saver takes you into the land of the onion domes and madrasahs. You can experience still and moving images from Russia and the former Soviet Union. Arrange new issues or add your own materials in the formats BMP, PCX, GIF, PCD, AVI, FLI, WAV, MID.


Product Name Description

GinADB 1.11
Plant Database

GinADB is the database system for the garden planning program GINA. With it all plants can be maintained that are required for the design of an ornamental garden. This includes name, size, color, illustration, type of garden, and more. The entire database can be searched and sorted, and a view filter can be defined. GinADB supports the planning of a garden, but can also serve as a reference and is suitable as a booking system for plant shippers. GinADB will soon be complemented by Gina, that enables the complete garden design from the ground plan of beds to shopping lists and planting plans.
SOS BA 1.11 Multimedia Picture Library SOS BA manages all relevant data of your images, graphics and multimedia clips in the formats BMP, PCX, GIF, PCD, AVI, FLI, WAV and MID, and serves as a reference book, preview and print program. On request also available for your individual requirements is an adapted version.

Quality Control

Product Name Description
FCU 2.04 Fuzzy Construction Unit FCU offers the modeling of fuzzy controllers in a simple graphical way, test and optimization within the integrated development environment, use of the PC system as a regulatory platform and a variety of exports in ANSI-C or microcontroller code.
GeoPrüf 3-d Geometry Analysis Library The DLL library contains functions for comparison and classification of two 3-dimensional sets of nominal/actual geometries. The nominal gemoetry consists of mathematically exact form elements such as spheres and cylinders and free-form surfaces. Porting to other operating systems on request.
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