Abacus Curves uses discharge curves for the battery sizing. The program gives you the ability to analyse your batteries by using multiple diagrams showing you the batterie behaviour.

You can simply enter your sizing data and get an diagram for your analysis. The sizing data is entered into a grid window, which you can move arround to have more space for the diagram visualization.

The diagram type you do like to use can easily selected on a ribbon.

diagram type selection in abacus curves

The available diagram types are:

  • time to voltage
  • time to %Cn
  • time to load
  • time to model
  • time to current
  • load to voltage
  • voltage to model
  • model to load

As sample "time to voltage":
Abacus Curves time to voltage diagram
 There is a mirror diagram available for every diagram type. Addionally the program offers a report with the calculated results.


Our Abacus applications

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  3. abacusCurves

Documents for download

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  2. abacusCurves (Powerpoint)
  3. abacusRack (Powerpoint)
  4. abacusIEEE samples (Powerpoint)
  5. abacusIEEE movie (virus free)