You need the following files for BumPix:

LIESMICH.TXT (3 kB) - Info file to the program and terms of use (see below).

BUMPIX2.ZIP (58 kB) - BumPix de Luxe Beta Version 2.00.004 (11.07.97).

 PiSoftware BumPix de Luxe Beta

The new PiSoftware Screen Saver

Free beta version!


Copy the following six files into your Windows directory:




Choose "BumPix de Luxe" in "Control Panel / Desktop / Screen Saver"
as your actual Screen Saver.
Select "Einstellungen" and then make your settings:


x Speed - Horizontal in Pixels
y Speed - Vertical in Pixels
Bilder/s - Frames per second
LöschenDelete after ... Seconds
Spur hinterlassen - Picture will not be deleted
Gummiecken - Picture soft bounces off the edge
Bild 1 - Picture moves bottom right
Bild 2 - Picture moves top right
Bild 3 - Picture moves top left
Bild 4 - Picture moves bottom left


Terms of use

This is a free Beta Version! You may copy and give it to everyone as long as you provide all files (including this one)!

We don't know any harmful effects of the program at the operating system or other files. To our knowledge, none of the delivered files contains a virus or other destructive elements.

Anyway the use of the screen saver is done solely at your own risk! We grant no guarantee or warranty for order to function, nor for its harmlessness!

With the use of the program, you expressly agree to these terms of license!