PiSoftware BABS is an easy to use, graphically-oriented program that enables the creation of interactive or self-running slide shows completely without any programming knowledge.

BABS Screenshot

Each presentation consists of one or more slides, that are arranged in a tree structure. Each slide contains the background, in which the other images, animations, video clips and sound files can be included. The following transition effects are available: Pushing over, covers, revealing, opening, closing, blinds, blocks, sliding door, star, lasers, rain, spiral, zigzag, zoom and leaflet. All effects are timed so that your presentations runs quickly even on slow computers.

The pictures and multimedia clips can be included in various formats (raster images BMP, DIB, PCX and GIF, Photo-CD PCD, Digital Video AVI, Autodesk animations FLI and FLC, sound files WAV and MID). These will be scaled independent of their original size, and shown with up to 16.7 million colors, optional transparent and shaded.

PiSoftware BABS consists of two parts, the development program BABS Development and the demonstration toolBABSVorführung. You can pass your generated presentations along with the demonstration tool BABS demonstration royalty-free, i.e. without having to pay additional royalties or fees.

For the inexperienced user a simple way of handling is offered with a tool bar and status bar, a toolbox for important commands, a print preview and a context sensitive online help. BABSEntwicklung also contains a setup program and the possibility to exchange a slide with other programs via the clipboard.

The operation of BABSVorführung can be effected via a few buttons. So it is easily possible to equip the demonstration server for example with a separate numeric keypad to prevent that visitors do other things with your computer than to look at the presentation. A version that also supports mouse inputs of the viewer, is in preparation.

PiSoftware BABS is for informational presentations in your office - self-running, interactive or mixed - or as supporting illustrations to your speech.

PiSoftware BABS cost € 152.36, € 76.18 as an upgrade, and is available as a 16-bit version for Windows 3.1 and 3.11 or a 32-bit version for Windows 95 and Windows NT. A trial version limited to a size of ten slides is available for a reimbursement of € 2.56.



Presentation program with development

Scope of the version 2.50

Presentation possibilities of the demonstration module

* Self-running presentations
* Interactive presentations and information systems
* Auto continue after a predetermined period of time
* Freezing the current presentation at your fingertips
* Link to other BABS libraries with possibility of returning
* Representation in virtual coordinates
* Scheduled fade in and cross-fade effects
* Effects: Move over, covers, revealing, opening, closing, slide
* New effects: blocks, sliding door, star, lasers, rain, spiral, zigzag, zoom, leaflet
* Transparent mode and shaded representation of shown graphics
* Proactive loading of images
* Integration of AVI video, WAV sound, MIDI sound, also continuously
* Integration of BMP bitmaps, PCX bitmap, GIF bitmaps
* Integration of FLI and FLC animations

Facilities and equipment of the development environment:

* Binary data format for speed and security of your presentation
* Graphical creation of the presentation in the flow tree
* Aggregation of nodes to a group
* Graphical representation of the flow tree
* WYSIWYG display during editing
* Preview mode for single groups
* Print programs for tree and text representation
* Online help and reference manual

Licensing conditions and disclosure of your presentations:

* PiSoftware BABS 2.50 will be available in two versions, a development environment with the demonstration module, and the pure demonstration program, unable to change presentations.
* Both versions feature separate setup programs for easy distribution and installation on multiple different computers.
* The license for the development environment is available for a workstation or the company, and can be copied at will inside your company. The license for the demonstration module is unlimited and can be copied and distributed freely.