abacusIEEE does the sizings according to the IEEE Std 485, IEEE Std 1115 or IEEE Std 1568 using Rt and Kt factors. It has an IEEE optimized mode, using an special algorithm. It is possible to calculate with power loads.

The software can be customized with your logo, your pictures and your data.
Abacus ieee battery sizing software

Battery sizing wizard

Use the filtering by electrode type, lifetime, outlet and battery type to easily select the battery types you need for your sizing.
abacus ieee wizard (battery type selection)


abacusIEEE has an extension of IEEE number-of-cells calculation by range of cells and range of voltages.
abacus ieee number of cells calculation
abacus ieee battery sizing cells calculation (voltage ranges)


The input of power loads can be done by using apparent power, power factor and efficiency.
Add load profile with abacus ieee wizard


The quasi-parallel calculation of all sizings covering battery types, plate types and formats, numbers of cells and strings gives you fast results.
Enter the enviromental data with the abacus ieee wizard

Improved calculation and presentation of results

Abacus has high performance on the calculation by multithreading and optimized database access.
perfomance results of the battery sizing calculation


The abacus result list is sortable, groupable, configurable and exportable.
The list of the battery sizing results


See all battery cells that are available in the database by using the cell view window. The cell view window is integrated, sortable, groupable and configurable, exportable.
The available cell types for the battery sizing

New possibilities of further processing

  • Integrated start of rack and cabinet sizing software (e.g. ALPHA, BENNING (abacusRack), HOPPECKE, KUNSTMANN - appropriate license implied)
    Starting the rack or cabinet sizing directly from Abacus IEEE

  • Result exportable as multilingual offer text as well as into an individual ODBC database
    The Abacus IEEE offer text

  • Multilingual user interface, offering multilingual texts (English and German supplied)
  • Many other improvements over previous versions


Cross-Upgrade to our new product abacus-Suite is possible


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Documents for download

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