PSSST Screenshot


This takes you into the land of the onion domes and madrasahs. Experience still and moving images from Russia and the former Soviet Union. Arrange new issues or add your own material in various formats.

The product is a screen saver using the standard Windows screen saver interface. This means that all properties of a "real" Windows screen saver are available: call, select and configuration via the system control and password protection.

In the configuration dialog you can decide which images and animations are displayed. Furthermore, you can specify how long images are displayed and how long the pause should be after an animation, whether the graphics and motion pictures should be displayed in original size or full screen mode.

In the currently shipped version, it is possible to include still images in BMP and DIB. Moving images are possible as videos in AVI format as well as animations in FLI and FLC formats.

Other types, especially raster image formats PCX, GIF, photos in the format PCD and sounds in the format WAV and MID are in preparation.

Similarly, in future it will be possible to use the unlicensed demonstration of our presentation system BABS to view additional content as a screen saver.

PSSST - RUSSIA! contains "a disk full" of images and films from Russia, Central Asia and Siberia, the former Soviet Union.

You may display any graphics and animations and create your "personalized" version. Of course you can use and also display your own material.

A simple handling even for inexperienced users is just as natural for PSSST - RUSSIA as a setup program for convenient and safe installation.


In addition to this "standard" product we also offer you to create a personalized screen saver according to your ideas. It then presents your company, is branded with your logo and fits into your corporate design.


PSSST - RUSSIA! - but even more a custom version with your logo and address provided - supports your acquisition as a promotional gift and will take you over again in memory, but may also simply serve as a nice annual gift.

PSSST - RUSSIA! costs € 15.24 and is run under both 16-bit Windows (Windows 3.1 and 3.11) and 32-bit Windows (Windows 95 and Windows NT).

We provide you on request with a proposal for the creation of an individual release.