Size your racks and cabinets with Abacus Rack. Abacus Rack is fully integrated in the battery sizing process with Abacus IEEE and can be called with the results of an Abacus IEEE sizing. You can size your cabinet/rack matching to your battery sizing result. The cabinet/rack sizing software can be configured for your cabinets-/racks to get useful results.

The rack/cabinet sizing wizard offers many configuration settings. You get the ability to set the available space for the cabinet placement for example. You can allow turn and tilt for the battery placement and you can allow overlapped placement.

Restrictions for the battery placement in the abacus rack and cabinet sizing software

With the sizing resuls you get information about the battery placement in the cabinet/rack, you also get drawings to see the placment. The top view for example, gives you an overview for the possible battery placement.

Overlapped battery placement (top view) - Abacus Rack output
 There is an inspection view, that can be used by an inspector who can check if the cabinet/rack drawing is ok and who can validate the calculated result. Additional information, like the protection class, can be added in the inspection view.
Inspection view of the given Abacus Rack cabinet sizing result


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