Roadmap: Your access to abacus5 and abacus4u

The most important aim for our abacus Battery Sizing is to simplify work for battery manufacturers and their clients, especially OEMs, and bring these together.

Therefore, battery manufacturers quite often ask: "How can we achieve to be listed in the database of your abacus​ users? How can we, as a supplier, achieve that our batteries will be calculated within the abacus? If we bear the expenses needed to be part of the abacus, will I be listed in yo ur users' versions?"

In this case, there exists a mutual dependancy, for to appear in the abacus, battery data have to be in the system; to populate the database, manufacturers like to be calculated in abacus...

This is why we recommend the following multi-step access to battery manufacturers:

  1. You insert a representative part of your battery ranges into the abacus database,
    and we will advertise these data to our abacus4u online clients.
  2. The price to populate the database can be calculated from your official discharge data and your wish list for the ranges to insert, but this can be drastically reduced if you do a part of this work on your own.
  3. With that, everyone who likes may calculate your batteries, maybe even as a supplement to their offline calculation.
  4. You are thus very well equipped, to be seen by our abacus5 clients who normally calculate with their offline version, for we will recommend you accordingly, as soon as you have at least ranges in our database.
  5. With that preparation, it is possible to install your database at our abacus5 offline clients on a very short notice.
  6. Once your data are available in our system, it is extremely simple, to utilize them for your own calculations, too, and very often the best ratio of price and value will probably be to license the online version abacus4u.
  7. With abacus4u, you can do your own calculations as well as “donate “ temporary licenses to your clients.
  8. Prices for that start at 49,-€ per month & license and 99,- per month & One-for-Ten -license (or use an annual license, pay 10 months but use one year).

We would love to go this journey together with you and will support you as best as we can in this!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 4:21:00 PM


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