Midsummer-Sale: sunny discount for abacus4u

Is there anything more desirable than to sit on your patio in a warm midsummer night and do your battery calculations with abacus4u?

We want to help you in that and give you the chance to experience this fantastic feeling.

Therefore, we offer a terrific discount of 40% in the first year for every subscription of our online system abacus4u ordered between June 15th and 28th, 2015.
And for the rest of this year, we apply the same discount, of course!

So for the period 2015/07/01 - 2016/12/31 you pay only 90% of a one year fee. It is thus cheaper to subscribe for 18 months now than later for one year only.

Please tag your request or order with the code word MIDSOMMAR and leave the rest to us! We love to share your happiness!

Monday, June 15, 2015 9:26:00 AM


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